over-generalising: common-sense ideas still take research and personal issues as separate…This very extract proves to be a meeting point between my research and my reflections and personal development path… Thought I could share…

Jack Mezirow* citting Bennett-Goleman (2001): “Major schemas include:

… unloveability, the fear that people would reject us if they truly knew us; mistrust, the constant suspicion that those close to us will betray us; social exclusion, the feeling we don’t belong; failure, the sense that we cannot succeed at what we do; subjugation, always giving in to other people’s wants and demands; and entitlement, the sense that one is somehow special and so beyond ordinary rules and limits. (2001: 11)

 Mindfulness allows one to separate specific experience from the overlay of mental and emotional reaction to it. In that space there is room to examine whether we harbour distorted assumptions, ungrounded beliefs, or warped perceptions. We can see the ways our thoughts and feelings define us as they come and go – we can see our habitual lenses themselves (2001: 53)”

*found in the Chapter ‘An Overview of Transformative Learning” by Jack Mezirow, in the book Contemporary Theories of Learning edited by Knud Illeris (2009)



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