Never ending roller coaster

Partial image: Collage with prints and photocopies

This was the result of my work during ‘PhD Behind the Scenes’:

Organising, giving size and shape to words; playing with its aesthetics, meanings and position in space; acted as a meditative moment to reflect on my journey during these six months.

Looking back, I have started this project with very strong words and emotions, the majority of them associated with strong feelings, some of them were even restraining and accompanying a crisis in the transition to my 2nd year of studies.

Along the way I shifted from thinking of a word at the end of each day to start choosing the word I wanted to have. Of course it hasn’t always worked, but that fact alone was a trigger that empowered me to transform my days. This awareness helped me to actively seek for the type of emotional state that motivated me to keep up with the process, whatever that was.

One thing I took out of this reflective journey: the ability to keep going and accept the flow of ups and downs of research, personal motivation, and physical fatigue. Embracing all and at the same time letting go. Waiting for the next turn of this passionate roller coaster. Not as easy as it looks, but a note to myself.




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